Our sole purpose is to offer you an exquisite experience as a tourist

After 10 years and over 1000 tours delivered we still think that this industry is a complex one. Apart from our vast experience and professionalism – the unique ingredient necessary to lead onto successful touristic services remains passion. We’re passionate about what we are doing and that shows every time we’re delivering a tour to you. We’ve dedicated our past 10 years to the travel and tourism industry and we can proudly say that now we’re delivering nothing to perfection services.

We’re in-love with this magnificent city!

London has collected and amalgamated the contemporary and the nostalgic and has the ability to reveal a homely and yet distinct feeling each time you visit. This is why we want you to capture the essence of this magnificent city in as many ways as possible.
Enjoy an unforgettable time discovering this exhilarating city, with an impressive variety of attractions bound to amaze you!

London Tourist Attractions
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What to expect when you plan a tour with Discover London Tours?

Multilingual tours

We are currently providing tours in the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese & Chinese. If you need your tour provided in other languages please feel free to contact us.

High degree of flexibility

Our tour itineraries are always flexible, timed and tailored to your needs. Please get in touch to discuss your ideal day with us.

Expertise and knowledge

We are specialised in offering private and personal guided tours all across London and the UK. You’ll benefit fully from our Blue-badge tour guides and have experienced, accredited drivers to escort you everywhere.

What makes Discover London Tours the right choice?

What makes Discover London Tours the right choice?

We have every aspect of your stay covered. From complete Airports transfer services to expert driver-guide we are designing the best customised vacations for you. We are an accredited company and all our tour guides have the legally required licenses and insurances (Blue-Badge – the highest guiding qualification in the UK). Also, our drives are experienced and accredited, and this gives you complete freedom to devise itineraries that suit your pace and interests.

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