Harry Potter Tour in London

Either you’ve read the book or seen the series, Harry Potter’s enchanted story is already familiar to you. How about exploring the behind-the-scenes magic of the Harry Potter film series? There’s no need to learn how to ride a broom but you’ll definitely step in the footprints of Harry and his entire cast. Your experience will be memorable and unique for this Harry Potter tour in London can reveal some spectacular technology combined with fantasy and fun. Choose a once in a lifetime experience!

Please note that this tour has to be booked minimum of 3 weeks in advance due to ticket availability for Warner Bros Studios!

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Your expectation will be exceeded in this Harry Potter Tour in London

Our Harry Potter studios London tour always work their magic on our younger customers and their parents.

This is the place where all eight Harry Potter movies were brought to life. You have the chance to step behind the scenes and see an amazing array of sets, costumes and props. Don’t lose the chance to see how special effects were created, explore Dumbledore’s office and much more.

Harry Potter first realised there was something different about himself when he held a conversation with a snake in the Reptile House at London Zoo.

Have a photograph taken beneath the mystical Platform 9 3/4 sign, but please don’t try and run through the wall unless you are a witch or a wizard!

You will do a whistle-stop tour of other destinations in the popular series, including Leadenhall Market (which Harry and Hagrid walked through), and the exterior of Australia House (the setting for Gringott’s bank).


Tour duration: 8 hours

Transportation: Private vehicle with accredited driver


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