Jane Austen Tour - Literary and Film locations in Bath and Lacock

2. Literary and Film locations in Bath and Lacock

Immerse in Jane Austen’s literary world! Get the pleasure of discovering the life of one of England’s most well-known and respected authors. Imagine England’s nostalgic landscapes and its Regency period. We’ll try to help you relive those fascinating times while following Jane’s footsteps and visiting her hometown and surroundings. This tour will be a truly unique experience for you. Venture into the lovely world of written words!

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Jane Austen was born and grew up in Steventon. She wrote three of her famous works there; ‘Pride & Prejudice’, ‘Northanger Abbey’ and ‘Sense & Sensibility’.

You will have the opportunity to visit her home at Chawton, where she lived for eight years, and worked on ‘Emma’, ‘Persuasion’ and ‘Mansfield Park’.

Winchester is the medieval town where she spent the final part of her life. Your guide will show you its great cathedral, which is now her final resting place.

The city of Bath was founded as a health Spa by the Romans, its Roman Baths and Pump Room remain among the finest antiquities in the country. It was also the home of Jane Austen from 1800 – 1806. “I really believe I shall always be talking of Bath …. I do like it so very much. Oh! Who can ever be tired of Bath,” wrote Jane Austen in ‘Northanger Abbey’ (1818).

Lacock, located near Bath, is where ‘Pride and Prejudice’ was filmed: one of England’s best preserved medieval villages. This place won’t fail to fascinate you!


Tour duration: 10 hours

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